Custom Glass Signs 

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There is no better way to make a statement then with a custom glass sign. Glass has become one of the most popular forms of decor among commercial and residential themes. Using glass is a way of creating an interesting perfection of upper class sign. Its reflective nature can be used to enhance your logo and really make your sign sparkle.


Custom Glass Signs from Bear Glass offers a visually attractive, tough and durable solution for interior and exterior applications. Dress up your entryway or lobby area with an impressive glass sign featuring your company name and logo etched or embossed against a crystal clear background.

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Bear Glass Inc specializes in all types of glass signs, including lobby glass signs, directional signs, room indicator signs, and custom glass signs. These glass signs can be produced from a single glass panel to multiple plates. Our custom glass signs based on a sandwich system and consist of two glass panes. Using our provided templates you can easily create new signs or replace existing ones from your PC.

Our design team is always available to assist you with the glass sign ideas and concepts. Whether you have: a sign that you like or you are in need of a new custom glass sign idea, Bear Glass is the only way to go.   The variety of shapes, styles, and sizes is sure to leave you with a final product that will have everyone talking.

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Our glass signs come in a variety of sizes and styles, making them an ideal solution for:

  • Building navigation and orientation systems
  • Office door signs
  • Menus
  • Information kiosks and directories



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